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I've been dying to get my hands on some Kinder Surprise for years now, but they're literally impossible to get here because American kids are apparently dumbasses who eat the toy inside.
Anyways, I went to Little Tokyo today for lunch with some friends, and we stopped at the Japanese supermarket, where I found these:

So I bought a couple. Hell, it's chocolate with a dog on the box. I'm already sold.
Anyways, I decided to open one of them a few minutes ago and it's pretty much the Japanese Kinder Surprise.
Inside are really damn cute little dog figurines (assembly required):

I've only opened one so far and I got the Boston Terrier! Oh god
These are so awesome. I need more. Oh man, theyre so TINY but DETAILED AS HELL. I love miniatures. Japan is so good at this shit, I swear to god.
The chocolate wasn't half-bad either.
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